At the request of patients, colleagues, friends, and family – Thank you for visiting my new blog and website.  Please take some time to look around and use this as a valuable resource for patient education, media resources, and getting to know me a little bit better.

I believe in team work and hard work, both of which will always carry the day and usually the best outcomes.  In this day of age, we are bombarded with a lot of information from not only the web, but TV, Radio, and word-of-mouth.  It’s hard to differentiate what is fact and what is fiction.

Hopefully, this site will prove to be a valuable resource in the care of your nonsurgical and surgical spinal conditions.  I’ve included resources for common spine conditions, patient resources including post-operative instructions to used as a guideline following spine surgery, and finally some additional guidelines and resources for providers.

Join me as we discover  – The Future of Spine Surgery together!

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